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For you. From me. With love.

As Foothold grows into the company it deserves to be, I’m finding so many amazing people who have the success and expertise you can benefit from. Super short and sweet post today for your reading pleasure. Pass it on. It’s good stuff.

  1.  Content Insight – Co-founded by Paula Land when you are ready for your content audit Content Insight’s CAT technology is the tool you’ll want to use.
  2.  6 Quick Actions to Quadruple Your Mailing List in Three Months” ~Think Traffic by Corbett Barr. Based on a true story.
  3. Rocket Watcher is a blog by April Dunford you just need to dive into and start eating it up. She has fantastic information for you. Including posts like “The Dangers of Outsourcing Content Creation” a perfect article to read when you recognize you do need a content provider.
  4. Are you stuck, stalled or ready to trash your dream of building your company? Don’t give up, get whipped instead. (Yes, you heard me.) Women business owners are flocking to Erika Lyremark’s three highly successful programs. Get yourself whipped today.
  5. Answering the simple question “Do I Really Need a Content Strategy?” Barbra Gago lays out the 5 reasons why, yes of course is the answer.
  6. Read Pocket ChangedCaleb Wojcik’s amazing advice on how to build a career around your passion. (Sign up for his get paid manifesto today, you’ll be glad you did.)
  7. Brian Clark – the brilliance behind CoppyBlogger. Because I secretly love him for posts like this one. He has no idea. It’s not as creepy as it looks written here
  8. Corbett Barr has some of the best blogging advice period. If you’ve lost your focus or feel like you’re failing lately, read “Here’s to being willing to fall down a few times for our true callings”. You’ll fall in love with his stuff like I have.

Give yourself the gift of reading these writers like I have recently and you’re going to get pretty fired up about your content.

Best, Cindi
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